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How To Get Rid Of Algae Stains On My Roof?

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If your roof has algae growing on it, it may not necessarily mean you need to replace your roof. Algae doesn’t damage shingles, in fact, it doesn’t do much but make your roof unappealing. Here are some ways you can remove and prevent algae on your roof:

Removing Algae Stains On Roof

Removing algae can be tough, and sometimes dangerous. Many home improvement stores sell algae-removing solutions. For example, oxygen bleach. If using these, you will need to get up on the roof and apply the solutions with a sprayer (make sure to be careful and wear shoes with a good grip). Spray the affected area of the roof. Once it has been sprayed, allow the solution to sit for about 10-15 minutes. Then scrub the roof with a broom brush, and then rinse with water. You may need to do this a couple of times to get a clean result. Be sure to do it when it isn’t too hot outside, this may cause the solution to evaporate.

It is extremely important to know that using a power wash machine may damage your roof. Even though it seems faster it actually causes more harm than good. The power wash may tear holes or worse rip the shingles off completely. The best way to clean algae off is to brush as mentioned above.

Preventing Algae Stains On Roof

Shingles – Some shingles have copper in the granules that help them prevent algae. However, there are some shingles that do not have sufficient metals which allows for the growth of algae. Algae also grow on limestone which is in shingles as well. Look for shingles that have copper in them to prevent algae stains.

Copper strip – There are Copper strips that can be installed after the roofing system and over the shingles. This works similar to the box vent effect, as rainwater pours down it takes with it traces of copper that helps clean the roof and prevent stains from algae.

Algae may not damage your roof, but if you want to keep a roof that looks clean, this may be something you may want to consider.