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How to Spot a Storm Chaser and the Consequences of Hiring a Non-Trustworthy Company

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When we say storm chaser, we aren’t talking about the people driving around in tricked out trucks trying to take pictures inside tornados. We’re talking about the roofing and siding companies that come after.

Storm chasers are known in the construction business as companies that come in and take advantage of high insurance payout rates from storm damaged properties. Sometimes these companies aren’t even local.

There can be consequences hiring a storm chasing company. For example, they might not be as reliable or trustworthy as other construction companies. We’re here to provide you with a few tips on how you can spot them and advise you on how to pick the ideal roofing and siding company for your property.

How to Spot Storm Chasing Companies

There are a few ways that you can spot these companies and, armed with the right knowledge, you can keep yourself from falling into a scam. Here are a few strategies storm chasers use that you should look out for:

  1. The Limited Time Offer – this one always sounds too good to be true. And the worst part about it, when you hear limited time offer, you’re forced to rush into a decision. No trustworthy and honest company is going to pressure you into making a decision quickly, especially when dealing with storm damage.
  2. The Insurance Scammer – it’s never a good thing if a company is offering to pay your deductible for you. It’s very crucial that you understand what can and can not be done when it comes to insurance. There are serious penalties for committing insurance fraud, and it’s easy for you to become responsible.
  3. The Guy Who Fakes the Damage – you might find this hard to believe, but there are companies out there that fake the damage on your home. Sometimes they add to it, and other times they create damage that isn’t there. This is also a type of insurance fraud and should be taken very seriously. An advise is to follow him around your house while he’s looking for damage. Allow him to point it out to you.
  4. The Non-Local Roofer – there always seems to be one salesman that comes through every summer. He may not be living in the area but might offer a good deal. The worst part about working with a non-local roofer is that that when the job is finished, they won’t be there if there’s ever a problem. You won’t be able to get ahold of them, and if you do, they’ll tell you that the warranty doesn’t cover whatever might be wrong.

How to Protect Yourself Against a Scam

The best way to protect yourself against potential scammers is to do a lot of research. Here are a few things you should look into:

  1. Check Their Website – You can tell a lot about a company from their website or lack of a website. A professional website means that the company cares about the impression that they leave on their customers and cares about staying in business.
  2. View Their Google or Facebook Reviews – It’s always good to take a look at companies’ reviews before signing up with them. A solid company will have good reviews and will take the time to respond to any negative or less than perfect reviews.
  3. Look Into the Warranty That’s Offered – A warranty can tell you a few different things about a company. First, it tells you if they’re serious about doing good work, and second, it shows how committed they are to leaving you satisfied. A trustworthy company will have a good warranty. There’s a lot that goes into construction warranties, and it’s good to know your stuff.
  4. Find Out How Long Has the Company Been in Business? – The most important thing is looking into how long a company has been doing business. Some companies will start and stop under different names to successfully avoid reviews and continue storm chasing. A good company is going to be in business for a long run with the intention of doing the best for their customers.

Find the Right Company to Help with Storm Damage

It’s important that you find the right company to help with your storm damage. At Roof Troopers, we’re here to help and offer you the Roof Troopers pledge. We stand behind our services and the products that we use. You can trust for being a long-standing company that offers a good warranty, and that genuinely cares about the customers we work with.

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