In-House Vs. Subcontractor Roofing Teams (Pros & Cons)
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In-House vs. Subcontractor Roofing Teams (Why In-House Takes the Cake)

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Did you know some roofing companies use both in-house and subcontractor teams to complete jobs. This means that at times you might not know exactly who is working on your home.

Today we’re diving into what makes in-house vs. subcontractor roofing teams different as well as which is the better option for your home renovation.

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In-House vs. Subcontractor Roofing Teams

If you’re looking to get your roof done, you might want to know the team that is getting your roof fixed.

If you hire a roofing company that uses subcontractors to complete the job there is a possibility that you won’t know who’s completing the job. This, could end up in a job that might not meet your requirements.

When you hire a roofing company that uses in-house teams to complete the job, you can expect the very best. A team that can complete your roofing job from start to finish with all in-house employees can be reliable and typically offer better services and follow ups than subcontractors.

What Is a Subcontractor?

  • Does the work of another person or company
  • Not on payroll

A subcontractor is defined as a “contractor or business that signs a contract to perform all or part of the work on behalf of another company”. Simply put it’s someone doing the work for another individual or company.

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What Is an In-House Team?

  • Works for the company
  • On the payroll

When we say “in-house team” we’re talking about teams like the one that we have at Roof Troopers. An in-house team is a team that is on the company payroll and is fully invested in the company that they’re doing the work for.

As a customer, you might find that in-house teams are slightly more consistent and more invested in the job that they’re doing. That’s because they have a long term career in mind when they come to work. In-house teams are just working job to job like subcontractors are.

Which One Is Better for You?

In the end, it probably doesn’t matter too much to you if it’s a subcontractor or an in-house team that completes the job. You can have a good experience with both in-house teams and subcontractors. If you are looking for reliability and consistent results, we recommend choosing an in-house team.

In our guide, “Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor Before You Hire Them” we talk about the importance of being sure of who you’re hiring and who’s going to do the job.

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What to Expect When You Hire Roof Troopers’ In-House Team

When you hire Roof Troopers, you hire a team. That means you won’t have to worry about dealing with subcontractors at all. Our in-house teams care about the company’s success on every job site.

That means you’re given better customer service, a better guarantee on the work we do, and the best possible roofing, siding, and exterior work on the market today. A well-built home can ensure a safe and secure environment for you and your family. We strive every day to put the best in-house teams together to assure that the job gets done right every time.

When you choose Roof Troopers, you can be sure that the job gets done right and that we’ll make it right if it doesn’t. Reach out to us today to get started!


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