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A Homeowner’s Guide To Painting a Metal Roof

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Is your metal roofing looking inferior and in need of some work? Do you have a rusty metal roof? Instead of getting a new roof, you can give it a fresh appearance with a paint roller. Yet, can you paint a metal roof?

It is possible to paint metal roofs without harming a home’s exterior. You’ll see that it may help if you add a thick coat of paint to your metal roof. That way, you can improve the curb appeal of your property and even save money. In addition, you can save funds by avoiding a complete roof replacement from a professional roofer.

In our step-by-step guide below, we will answer all your questions about metal roof painting and provide the steps you need to follow. Ready to learn how to apply paint to steel roofs? Then, let’s get started!

Can You Paint A Metal Roof?

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The basic answer is yes. You can paint your metal roof. When painting your metal roof, you should use new paint in a neutral, attractive color to make it more visually appealing. 

You can improve the energy efficiency of your metal roof as bare metal roofs are not as energy efficient. Yet, before you paint your metal roof, you will need to do it correctly at the right time. You may need a paint scraper to remove the old paint and paintbrushes for the painting project. 

Below, you will learn when to paint a new metal roof, the type of paint to use, and other materials you’ll need.

When Should You Paint a Metal Roof?

You should not paint newly installed metal roofs until at least six months afterward. This is because the roof needs that time to weather. In addition, check the weather channel before you paint, as you cannot paint on a rainy or stormy day. You will also have to prepare a roof for painting.

You should hold off on painting the metal roofing system until power washing it. Use a jet power washer to remove any loose paint, dirt, and debris from the surface. In fact, a jet power washer can remove debris and mildew in only a few minutes. If the roof is truly a mess, you can also use a gentle detergent and a power wash to remove dirt. 

Then, you’ll need to wait until the surface can dry entirely with the help of the sun’s UV rays. Also, you may want to use a diluted vinegar solution to get rid of old paint oils and other dirt. 

What Kind of Paint Should You Use on a Metal Roof?

Generally, acrylic latex paint and oil-based alkyd paint are the two best options you have for the roof painting process. You will also likely need a galvanized metal primer before you paint the roof. Before applying another layer of oil-based paint, you should wait at least an hour until the paint dries.

When you use the best paint for the roof’s surface with the right tools, you will have an even layer of paint with an attractive new look. Along with better curb appeal, you will likely increase your home’s value. 

What Tools Do You Need To Paint a Metal Roof?

can you paint a metal roof using the best tools

When you plan ahead, you will need to use a power washer with a pressure of 2,500 pounds per square inch and a vinegar solution or detergent to clean the roof. 

When applying paint to the roof, your prep work must include getting all the right tools. You’ll need paint rollers, paint brushes, a paint scraper, and the right paint color. 

Get either acrylic latex paint or oil-based alkyd paint. Make sure the paints have water resistance to withstand rainy days. Also, get a wire brush and primer for the project. An airless paint sprayer and extension wands for a steep-pitch roof may help. 

How To Prepare the Roof for Painting

Before you start painting, you may need to remove loose paint. You will likely need to scrape the older paint off and remove the debris, mildew, and/or dirt from the painted metal roof. Preparing the roof will include a powerwash treatment, as previously mentioned.

Next, you’ll need to get all the necessary tools and acrylic latex paints to cover bare metal roofs and old coats of paint. That’s different from interior paint since it’s meant specifically for a home’s exterior. You should also get a safety rope to protect yourself when on top of the roof. 

How To Apply Primer to the Roof

When picking a primer, read the instructions and seek out the help of a professional to ensure you have the right primer for your roof type. Once the primer is in hand, use a brush or a roller to coat the roof from one side to the other. Don’t leave any portions of the metal roof without a coat of primer. 

Applying the First Coat of Paint

Applying that first coat of paint is not much different from adding primer to a corrugated metal roof. You’ll need to have enough paint for every square foot. Use paintbrushes and rollers with buckets of paint to apply a coat of paint on every roof section. 

How Much Does It Cost To Paint a Metal Roof?

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If you hire roof painters, expect to set aside anywhere from $1.20 to $2.80 per square foot when seeking their prices. Essentially, you will pay an average of $2.00 per square foot of roofing when painting your metal roof. 

Before You Go

So, can you paint a metal roof safely? If you follow the steps above when you begin painting and wear non-slip shoes, you will have no trouble painting a metal roof. If you get the right supplies, wash the roof, add primer, and begin painting, you’ll soon have beautiful roofing with great curb appeal.

You can also hire expert roof painters to take on the job. For a wonderfully painted metal roof, contact Roof Troopers today! 


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