8 Popular House And Roof Color Combinations For 2022
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8 Popular House And Roof Color Combinations for 2022

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One of the most exciting parts of homeownership is getting to put your personal touch on your living space. It can be stressful when it’s time to replace your roofing and siding, but it’s also an exciting opportunity to revamp your home’s exterior.

There are many reasons homeowners may want to switch up their exterior color palette, including:

  • Boosting curb appeal
  • More accurately reflecting your personality
  • Fitting in with (or standing out from!) the neighborhood

No matter your reason, you have plenty of great color options to choose from. We’ll be exploring 8 popular house and roof color combinations that could be perfect for your upcoming exterior remodel.

1) Colonial Black and White πŸ¦“

house and roof color combinations colonial black and white home

Some siding and roof color combinations go in and out of style, but others will almost always be timeless. One of the most classic color combinations is the “Colonial Style” home, with white siding and black shingles.

This color palette is incredibly versatile, allowing you to incorporate pops of color in your front door or landscaping if desired. There’s also a lot of flexibility with the exterior materials you select.

You can go with white vinyl siding or stucco for your siding and black shingles, metal panels, or slate for your roof. This crisp, simple look will boost your home’s curb appeal without standing out too much from the rest of your neighborhood.

2) Go All Gray 🐘

house and roof color combinations all grey home

For many homeowners, gray is the new black. Gray is popular in contemporary interior design and is also gaining popularity in exterior designs.

Opt for soft gray vinyl siding and a medium-tone gray shingle roof. If you incorporate white paneling, you’ll notice that the color palette is complimentary without being dramatic.

This is another house color combination that lends itself well to a colorful yellow, red, or green front door.

3) Earthy Green Siding With Brown Roof 🌍

If you’re someone who wants more color at the forefront of your home’s exterior, then consider this earth-toned option. Green-blue siding paired with a brown shingle or cedar shake roof is a gorgeous combination.

This combination also pairs well with stone veneer siding. You can add the stone siding as a focal point near your front entryway. This will add an expensive look to your curb appeal.

4) Spanish-Style Stucco and Clay πŸ’ƒ

house and roof color combinations spanish style home

If you travel out West, you’ll notice that it’s common to see Spanish-style casitas. These stunning homes have a definitive color combination of white stucco and terracotta clay tile roofs.

You don’t have to have palm trees 🌴 or cacti 🌡 in your yard to pull off this color combination. You don’t even need the quintessential arched doorway.

While this home style isn’t as common in regions outside of the American West, it’ll definitely allow your home to stand out in a good way. Plus, you’ll love how a clay tile roof lasts up to 100 years!

5) All Black Elegance πŸ–€

One of the most striking contemporary design trends is all-black. However, saying that it’s a “trend” isn’t quite accurate anymore since it became popular many years ago and is still an in-demand design choice.

If you want to lean into a moody, elegant aesthetic, then opt for black siding and shingles. You can also accomplish this style with black metal roofing.

Break up this exterior design by adding white trim around your:

  • Windows
  • Garage
  • Soffits

6) Neutral Tones ✌️

house and roof color combinations neutral tone home

When in doubt, go neutral. Tans and beiges go well with… tans and beiges! When working with neutral colors, opt for a lighter shade on your siding.

This is a great opportunity to install architectural dimensional shingles with flecks of lighter and darker browns. When choosing this color combination, the quality of the materials will really shine. Since the color choices are easy on the eyes, your curb appeal will come from the well-maintained nature of your home’s exterior.

7) Dark Blue and Dark Gray 🫐

August 6, 2017: two workers polish the apartment building with vinyl siding. Moskakassy. Chuvashy. Russia.

If you’re more attracted to bold or bright colors, a popular option is dark blue siding. This striking siding color radiates confidence without feeling misplaced.

We find that dark blue siding is best paired with a dark gray charcoal roof. However, you may be more drawn to a light gray or black roof.

This siding color is very contemporary and gives a modern statement. We’re partial to wide plank siding with this color combination, but the darker shade still looks bold and elegant with any siding style.

8) Striking Red Brick With Black Roof 🧱

house and roof color combinations red brick with sloped roof

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? If you’re lucky enough to have a red brick house, the most classic color combination is a black shingle or slate roof with white trim and black shudders.

Of course, building a house entirely out of brick in today’s day and age is quite expensive, so if you’re looking to take advantage of this classic, striking style, consider opting for brick veneer as an accent piece.

Work With a Trusted Exterior Contractor to Bring Your Vision to Life

We love all 8 of these siding and roof colors, but they aren’t the only color combinations you can explore. When you work with a highly-rated home exterior contractor like Roof Troopers, you’ll get to see all your color options right in front of you.

Our skilled contractors will educate you on all the different choices you have for roofing and siding materials and ultimately help you select a color combination that boosts your curb appeal, showcases your personality, and increases your home value.

We promise that getting a new roof and siding doesn’t have to be stressfulβ€” it can actually be quite exciting! Our #1 priority at Roof Troopers is delivering a high-quality result that stands the test of time.

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