How Much Do Solar Shingles Cost? (2023)
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How Much Do Solar Shingles Cost? (2023)

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As of 2020, almost 4% of all single-family homes in the United States had small-scale solar systems. As advances in solar technology increase and government-sponsored rebates for these systems continue to expand, demand for private solar energy systems is only expected to increase.

One such technological advancement is the development of solar shingles. These shingles are able to collect and convert solar energy into usable forms of energy within the home. Already, several manufacturers offer solar shingle products, including:

  • Timberline Solar Shingles by GAF Energy
  • CertainTeed Solar Shingles
  • Luma Solar
  • SunTegra Solar Roof Shingles
  • Tesla Solar Roof

If you’re considering these products for your home, you likely have questions about the affordability of such a project. Here, we’ve broken down the average solar shingles cost, including products, permits, and installation.

What Are Solar Roof Shingles?

Solar roof shingles are exactly what they sound like— roof shingles, similar in size and shape to traditional roofing shingles, that collect solar energy.

Many, but not all, of the solar shingles on the market are installed similarly to traditional roofing materials, and they usually last between two and three decades. They tend to have very low maintenance needs.

Solar shingles are made of one of two materials: copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS), or monocrystalline silicon. The use of these materials allows the shingles to stay thin and flexible while still achieving high energy conversion rates (12% for CIGS, 20% for silicon). Solar shingles also come in various wattages so that you can choose the best product for the energy needs of your home.

Differences From Traditional Solar Panels

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Unlike bulky solar panels that sit on top of your roof, solar shingles are no wider than your regular asphalt shingles. This allows them to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your roof.

You also have the option to install just a few solar shingles vs having to commit to installing an entire solar panel. This provides you with increased flexibility in terms of how much product to buy, which directly translates to cost savings on your end. Even if you do replace your whole roof, solar shingles are likely to be less costly than solar panels.

What Do Solar Shingles Cost?

The cost of your solar shingle installation will largely depend on the size of your roof and the specific product you choose to use. You can generally expect to pay $21-$25 per square foot of product, or $35,000-$75,000, for a total roof replacement on an average single-family home. This price range includes approximate costs for product purchase, labor, and permits/inspections (as required by your city, county, and/or state).

Much of the cost range listed above has to do with differences in price points between manufacturers. For instance, a Tesla solar roof costs a lot to install because of the company’s integrated system. SunTegra, on the other hand, are more budget-conscious product, but you’ll have an installation experience much more akin to that of traditional roofing materials.

For some roof repair projects, you can save on installation costs by doing the labor yourself. However, we don’t recommend this approach for solar roof shingles unless you specifically have prior experience installing this kind of material.

These materials are relatively new on the market, and they don’t come cheap. You may not be prepared to install this particular kind of material, and if you do make a mistake, it’s a steep price to pay to get replacement materials. You may also not be well-versed in the permissions required in your area for the installation of solar systems, and working with a solar contractor will help you remain in compliance with government requirements.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

solar shingles being installed on roof

Aside from labor and product costs, the following factors can all influence the price of installing solar shingles on your property:

  • Roof size: Includes not only the size of your home but also the pitch of your roof. A steeper pitch means that you’ll have more surface area to cover with roofing material.
  • Accessibility of your roof: Overhanging branches, chimneys and skylights, and lots of peaks and valleys all add to the complexity of the project and, consequently, the final price point. A steeper roof will also be harder to work on than a flatter roof.
  • Time of year: Some roofers charge higher prices during the peak of the roofing season.
  • Solar energy capability: Shingles with higher wattage will cost more money. Monocrystalline solar shingles are generally more expensive than CIGS shingles.
  • Tax credits and product rebates: Some areas offer rebate programs for homeowners who install solar systems on their roofs. Manufacturers also offer some rebate programs for the use of their materials.
  • Warranties: Energy and durability warranties are often offered by the manufacturers of these products, and purchasing these will add additional costs to the overall cost of your project.

Other Cost Savings (Energy Consumption and Property Value)

Remember that the costs you pay today will be offset by savings on energy costs down the road. While the upfront cost may be steep, you’re likely to recoup the investment over time with a more energy-efficient home.

Solar shingles are also likely to increase your property value, so if you plan to sell, you may also gain back some of your investment at that time. Or, if you’d rather keep your shingles when you move, they are fairly easy for a licensed contractor to remove. If you like, you can move to another location and take your solar shingles with you to use at your next home!

Are Solar Shingles Worth It?

From energy efficiency to aesthetic appeal, there are many reasons to install solar shingles on your home. Now that you know how much solar shingles cost, you can make an informed decision about where solar shingle installation is right for you and your home.

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